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Park Marine Boating Centers is proud to offer Service Contracts on both NEW and USED Yamaha Boats and WaveRunners. A service contract will allow you to lock in necessary routine maintenance for your Yamaha for 1-3 years at discounted rates. In addition, a Service Contract will provide you with other key benefits (see below).

key advantages

Discounted Rates

Up to 25% – when you lock in a service contract with Park Marine Boating Centers, you’ll save up to 25% off of preventative and routine maintenance services vs. an a la carte approach.

Protect Your Investment

Proper service and care will extend the life of your Boat and help maintain its value should you decide to trade-in or sell in the future.

Minimize Downtime

Preventative care will help your Boat work like it’s supposed to – that means more time out on the water and less time in the service shop.

Reduce Hassle

Let us take a load off so you can be stress free and focus on what matters most – having fun with family and friends.

Priority Scheduling

Priority scheduling means less time in the shop, more convenient drop-off and pick-up windows, and routine and preventive care in the off-season so you can enjoy your baby all summer long.

Financing Available

With a boat or waverunner purchase you can take advantage of historically low interest rates whether you’re buying used or new – with one low monthly payment and a service contract, all you have to do is gas up and go!

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