Amy Looby

Amy Looby, Marketing Director for T.E.I. Industries, began her employment in 2007 as a Rental Boat Reservationist while attending college. With a passion for the hospitality industry, Amy has always strived to improve and use her creative talents by constantly thinking of ways to improve operations and enhance the customer experience.

In 2008 she became Rental Supervisor and headed the move from a one room store and gas dock to the now 5,000 sq ft. Port Royale Store and Gas Island. After graduating in 2011 with a degree in Marketing from the University of North Georgia, she was promoted to Rentals Assistant Manager. In October 2012, T.E.I. Industries had an opening for a Marketing Director of which Amy was awarded that position. Since 2012, Amy has redesigned menus for the restaurants, brochures and signs for boat shows, increased social media visibility for all entities, redesigned the website and continually maintains current events, and is part of the core management team.

Amy’s hobbies and interest include two common things, the lake and dogs. She is an active volunteer with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue here in Atlanta. She enjoys spending weekends at the lake or competing in dog sports- sheep herding, frisbee, and dock diving with her border collie and aussie mix.