Do we have to pay to park?

A parking fee is charged to each rental. This fee will cover each car in your group. We highly recommend carpooling as parking is limited and may become unavailable.

Where are the low areas of the lake?

The water depth depends on the time of year as rainfall varies periodically effecting the lake level. All shallow areas are well marked and as a general rule if you maintain a 100ft distance from all markers and shoreline you will always be in deep enough water to safely operate the boat. One of our dock attendants will go over this information with you at the time of the rental and explain the shallow water markers.

Will my car or home insurance cover the boat?

Most insurance providers will cover rental cars but not rental boats. You would need to contact your provider for specific details. We do offer a damage waiver you can purchase that will give you coverage on the rental boat if it is involved in an accident with another boat, where the renter is not at fault.

Do I need a fishing license and do you sell them?

A fishing license is required if you plan on fishing. Fishing licenses are purchased directly from the Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) online. We do not sell fishing licenses at any of our facilities so please purchase one online from the DNR before you arrive.

Where can I take the boat?

You can take the boat anywhere on the lake where boats are allowed, unless otherwise restricted by Paradise Rental Boats. A rental attendant will explain any restrictions or prohibited areas during the rental presentation. Also be aware that some of the larger boats may not fit under certain bridges depending on the lake level. Please check with the Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) for current lake levels and bridge clearances. At Paradise Rental Boats on Lake Lanier the only restricted area is Margaritaville/Sunset Cove at Lanier Islands. Our 32’ Mega Cruiser, 35’ Destination Yacht and 40’ Island Voyager are prohibited from entering the Margaritaville/Sunset Cove. We use a GPS tracking system to monitor the boat location at all times and any violation of this policy will result in immediate rental termination. All other rental boat types are allowed to enter this area without restriction.

Do the boats have shade?

Yes, all boats are equipped with Bimini tops or roof covers that will provide shade to around half of the boat. Our Waverunners do not have any shade.