Brent L. Danneman

Brent Danneman is a 40+ year veteran of the boat sales and service industry and leads Boat Sales for all Best in Boating properties. Under his direction, company-wide annual boat sales have experienced tremendous growth, with net inventory reductions and improved profitability. Brent is proud to have completed all management training courses and programs by Brunswick Inc., the industry’s premier manufacturer.

Brent has served as Chairman of the Education Committee of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, President of the Metropolitan Marine Trade Association, and continues to serve on several industry association Boards of Directors and Committees. Prior to his tenure with Best in Boating, he has owned and operated highly successful Atlanta-area boat dealerships.

Brent and his wife Phyllis have been married for 58 years and have 2 grown children. They live near the water and Brent spends many happy hours teaching his 3 grandchildren how to fish and drive a boat. Brent also has a lifelong passion for collecting and refurbishing old cars.